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#CareersForTempleSupport / Re: We want Scientists for TempleSupport
« Last post by Administrator on March 04, 2018, 04:33:07 PM »
Develop a library of animation effects for mythology and temple-based graphics.  There are already many but be more realistic

- Probably a temple making an assessment of bhakthi can help.  Let it not be just with visits / donations to temple.

Bhakthi is devotion to a cause:

- how steadfast one is for her / his cause
   - what is my cause ?
      - it is Entrepreneurship.
   - give more than a good chance to women in it.
       - first, check if they are able to build something new
       - then, check if they are able to sustain
       - then, check if they are able to grow
       - compare a man's cause with that of a woman only if it is better by 2 orders of magnitude
         - else, let him assist the woman-in-case to improve
   - we will face lots of issues / challenges in test beds / sandboxes creation
   - that is where go across to any domain to have a lower cost
     - protect the person-in-case for an acceptable time only while testing
  - otherwise, everyone is open for disruption.
#TAPMEforSports / Re: T200 - my new proposal for Cricket
« Last post by Administrator on March 04, 2018, 07:22:55 AM »
3. The team captain can take a chance to change one of the 3 named bowlers dynamically depending on his assessment.
#TAPMEforSports / T200 - my new proposal for Cricket
« Last post by Administrator on March 03, 2018, 12:35:11 PM »
Let there be a tournament to make 200 runs; whichever team makes these runs in minimum number of overs they are the winners. 

Restrictions will be more on batsmen here:

1. No batsmen is allowed to play beyond 50 runs.  Once they make this they have to retire themselves and go sit in the pavilion.
2. Not more than 4 boundaries, 2 boundaries can be hit; rest of the runs have to be obtained by running between the wickets.
3. No partnership is allowed to flourish beyond 50 runs.  If it is happening this way, the one making more runs will have to retire himself and go sit in the pavilion.

There is a flexibility in deployment of bowlers:

1. Each team captain will have to declare how many maximum number of bowlers they will use; they must use every one of them at least for 2 overs.
2. They have to name and use 3 bowlers for unrestricted number of overs. 

All other rules remain the same.

1. Since there must be a measurement of number of overs with the above rules for batsmen, if a side gets all out without making these runs, they will start once again from batting order number 1, go on further until the run total is achieved.
2. Whenever a team gets all out, even if they win finally, they will get a -1 point in addition to 2 points for winning.

Apart from the regular ones,
1. Statisticians are expected to pay exceptional attention to a bowler's work in this tournament - starting from the fielding position he is placed in to how much effort he puts in to make the ball shine to his requirement.

#Projects-2018 / Valuations
« Last post by Administrator on March 01, 2018, 03:39:14 PM »
Valuations have a large purview - with respect to old and new - 1. money paid, 2. value created in terms of simulations, 3. value created in terms of products, 4. value created in terms of prospects for the products, 5. value created in terms of real sales, 6. value created in terms of solutions delivered, 7. value created in terms of people trained in the process for various skills, 7. value created in terms of customers, 8. value created in terms of technologies, 9. value created in terms of geographies, 10. value created in terms of domains, 11. value created in terms of services, 12. value created in terms of heroes, heroines, stories, 13. value created with financials & its accounting, 14. value created with fixed installations, 15. value created with flexible installations, 16. value created in terms of investors, 17.Actual profit or loss 18.-(insurance coverage for this entire activity from 1 to 16);

The above can be done in

a. Simulations
b. Emulations

When we can do the above, then we would have clearly understood 'the influence of money / wealth on people'.
#Interns-2018 / Re: Learners in work place
« Last post by Administrator on March 01, 2018, 01:00:37 PM »
Many auto rickshaw drivers in India have a habit of chewing paan the whole day and keep spitting on the road.  They are highly unmindful that the wind blowing in the reverse direction as the auto is speeding forward the spit and the spray of their spit itself falls on the passengers sitting behind.  They are so highly habituated to this spitting that they need a rehabilitation type of training to get rid of it. 

My suggestion is :

1. They must have small spittoon-vessels (small vessels containing sponge like mud that absorbs the spit e.g., the nawabs use it - they show these in films) near the handlebar of the auto itself.  Let this be remodelled so that when the drivers bend and spit into it - > neither they lose sight of traffic ahead of them, nor  the spit sprays outside the vessel edges. 

2. They must maintain some air fresheners too inside the auto rickshaw to nullify their spittoon smell.

As it is, the auto rickshaws are in for a huge loss in business due to the arrival of cabs and metro into the transport market. Let them not show more aversion to their passengers-comfort by continuing with their bad habits.
#Projects-2018 / Electrification of old temples
« Last post by Administrator on February 21, 2018, 08:52:37 AM »
This is not a normal electrician job; it needs careful planning, test phase, new technologies identification, purchase and then execution. 

The electrical source itself needs to be given a good thought for implementation.

The temple architecture must be preserved at all costs with minimum damage for electrical installations.

Maintenance of these electrical installations also needs to be given a good thought from the beginning of planning phase. 
#TAPMEforSports / Selection of qualified sports personnel for projects
« Last post by Administrator on February 21, 2018, 08:35:58 AM »
This is a very disciplined process to be conducted under strict vigilance systematically to show good results.  It requires an IT solution for sure.

#Interns-2018 / Learners in work place
« Last post by Administrator on February 21, 2018, 08:29:05 AM »
Persons of any age who learn in work place and assist the Consulting Managers towards working for a project are termed Interns. 

This year we are looking at many of them in Sports and Temple related work apart from the other fields we have been working so far.

Whether we pay them or they pay us to learn is a matter for finance teams to work on based on projects.  But upfront it can be stated that the interns need to pay us to be part of temple-related projects.
#CareersForTempleSupport / We want Scientists for TempleSupport
« Last post by Administrator on February 21, 2018, 08:21:26 AM »
We are very clear that we do not want engineers for Temple Support.  We want scientists who have had good careers in various laboratories developing new technologies, managing groups of scientific personnel and now are available to spare good thinking for the sake of temples.

They must have proven skills of documentation of their work.  They must have had proven products developed at optimal costs.

They are required in every aspect of science hitherto known and unknown areas of it.

#Consulting Managers - 2017 / App for Consultant Purohiths
« Last post by Administrator on November 03, 2017, 01:21:59 PM »
They are very busy people these days and cannot commute to too many places for delivering services.  Hence if their customers are given an app to book for rituals / functions / celebrations / vratams - they can arrange for common venues and accept some or all of their customers according to their convenience.
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